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Phentermine side effects

Most of appetite suppressants are used as a short-term treatment on obese patients. The effect of such medications may not only fade away in several weeks, but these medications may also have some side effects including:

✓ heart rhythm increase
✓ high blood pressure
✓ sweating
✓ constipation
✓ insomnia (sleeping problems)
✓ extreme thirst
✓ dizziness
✓ sleepiness
✓ stuffy nose
✓ headache
✓ anxiety
✓ dry mouth.

These are the most common side effects of appetite suppressants. Phentermine 37.5 is not an exception. The side effects which may occur as a result of administrating Phentermine in include:

✓ dry mouth
✓ insomnia
✓ diarrhea
✓ constipation
✓ blurred vision
✓ convulsions
✓ sudden or rapid weight loss
✓ difficulty breathing
✓ swelling of the lower limbs
✓ decrease of physical activeness
✓ trouble sleeping
✓ rapid or irregular heartbeat
✓ increased blood pressure
✓ depression
✓ nervousness
✓ fatigue
✓ anxiety
✓ tremor
✓ headaches
✓ nausea
✓ dizziness
✓ fainting
✓ dry mouth
✓ taste disturbance
✓ trouble urination
✓ frequent urination
✓ skin itching
✓ impotence
✓ heart attack
✓ angina
✓ stroke
✓ myocardial infarction
✓ feeling more awake than usual
✓ trouble sleeping
✓ feeling restless
✓ euphoria followed by depression and tiredness
✓ nervousness
✓ vomiting
✓ stomach cramps
✓ sexual drive changes.

The list of the side effects is still incomplete. If the signs which may be associated with Phentermine administration, but not mentioned above, occur a patient should immediately consult a doctor.

The patient following the administration of Phentermine should remember that all medicines may cause side effects, but they do not necessarily occur in each case of administration. A patient should consult a doctor if any of unusual signs above occur.

Though, it was considered that Phentermine may reduce sexual drive which is a common side effect among dieters who take weight loss preparations, the clinical studies of Phentermine revealed that Phentermine 37.5 does not produce such an action.