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Phentermine review

The rapid progress in the field of chemistry and pharmacology does not always mean the appearance of hundreds of new weight loss drugs on the global market. Actually, new slimming medicines are released once in a decade or so. Although pharmaceutical companies offer some new advanced weight loss drugs millions of people, these drugs are all based on active ingredients, synthesized by scientists over 50 years ago.

People are already familiar with one of these active ingredients – Phentermine HCL (Hydrochloride). This substance was developed as early as in the last century and was used to cure obesity and getting a slim body shape by millions of people all over the world. Phentermine was produced in tablets and capsules and was sold in different countries even the farthest ones, like Australia and New Zealand. Even now, people are still buying Phentermine diet pills in some countries, although there are many other anti-obesity drugs, like Diethylpropion, Orlistat, Lorcaserin, etc.

Phentermine was very popular weight loss drug and many pharmaceutical companies used to produce it under different trade names, for instance, Adipex, Suprenza, Duromine or Phentermine Hydrochloride. In fact, Phentermine popularity was growing fast because this appetite suppressant allowed overweight people to minimize the food consumption. The basic effect of Phentermine is to reduce hunger pains and thus a person eats less and his body fat is reduced.

The important thing people should know about Phentermine HCL is that it is never used alone. To lose the desired amount of body weight people should combine Phentermine pills with a diet and regular physical exercises. If patients do not follow these recommendations, they will not manage to reduce their body weight or keep the result for long time.

Today you may find the following Phentermine-based drugs on the market:

✓ Phentermine ODT (orodispersible tablets), called Suprenza
✓ Phentermine capsules, called Terfamex
✓ Phentermine tablets, called Adipex

Usually, Phentermine tablets and capsules are prescribed to overweight people, whose body mass index exceeds 40. The drug is never prescribed to people who are unhappy with their body shape and want to lose a couple of extra pounds. Phentermine is a weight loss medication that is only available by prescription. Therefore, people should consult a doctor before ordering or purchasing these weight loss pills.

As any other drug, Phentermine HCL can cause side effects. This drug affects the central nervous system, so people suffering from depression, anxiety or any other disorders of the CNS, should not use Phentermine, otherwise they may have severe side effects. The doctor should examine such a patient first and then prescribe him a proper treatment course. Once the treatment of CNS disorder is finished, a patient may start using Phentermine anti-obesity pills.

The last but not least important recommendation is to stick to a prescribed Phentermine dose. If you notice Phentermine pills do not provide a sufficient weight loss effect, do not increase the dose on your own. Only the doctor can decide what dose is best and safe for your body. Still, if the smallest Phentermine dose causes severe adverse reactions, the doctor should prescribe you some alternative weight loss drug.