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Weight loss results with Phentermine

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine, pharmacological activity of which is similar to amphetamine (prototype of drugs, used for obesity treatment). Drugs in this class, used for obesity treatment, are known as anorectics.

Phentermine therapeutic effect in obesity treatment is primarily based on appetite suppression. Phentermine also affects the central nervous system (CNS) and metabolic processes in the organism. Weight loss drug Phentermine is indicated for obesity treatment in adults (over 18 years), in combination with diet and increased physical activity.

Phentermine is prescribed as a short-term supplement (12 weeks) to traditional methods of weight loss. The highest rate of weight loss is observed in the first week of anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine. In the last weeks of pharmacotherapy with Phentermine pills, the rate of weight loss is reduced.

When using Phentermine, weight reduction is individual for each and every person. Rate of weight loss depends on Phentermine dose, diet and physical activity. On average, patient loses 1.5-2.5 kg per week, during the anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine.

It is recommended to start obesity pharmacotherapy with medium Phentermine therapeutic dose of 30 mg. Phentermine dose can be adjusted. If Phentermine pills have no desired therapeutic effect, the daily Phentermine dose may be increased to the maximum dose of 40 mg.

If Phentermine 30 mg pills cause side effects (dry mouth, dizziness, sleeplessness, nervousness), its dose can be reduced to a minimum Phentermine daily dose of 15 mg. It is recommended to take Phentermine diet pills in the morning on an empty stomach, or 1-2 hours after having a meal.

First results of weight loss with Phentermine will be visible in a week of using slimming pills. Usually, patient loses 5% to 15% of the original weight in one course of anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine. Some obese people may be critical to such results. They expect Phentermine to help them lose more weight.

Experts, studying obesity problem, believe that it is important to lose weight gradually for bringing no harm to the organism. During the first course of Phentermine treatment, it is enough to lose 10-15% of excessive weight. If necessary, the patient can undergo a second course of anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine.

Gradual weight loss with Phentermine helps prevent metabolic disorders, and get rid of chronic fatigue, depression, low immunity. Experts consider that the most important point of obesity treatment is a person's ability to maintain achieved weight, after discontinuing Phentermine pills.

Nutritionists advise their patients to keep to a balanced diet and lead an active lifestyle after discontinuing Phentermine pills, if they want to maintain weight at the reached level. When going through Phentermine treatment, the patient keeps to the right eating habits. If obese people want to have a slim figure throughout life, they should always keep to eating habits, formed during Phentermine therapy.