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Mechanism of action

The mechanism of gaining weight is as follows: if we supply more calories than we waste the excessive calories turn into fat. Phentermine administration acting as a fat burner contributes to controlling appetite. Using Phentermine a patient may start consuming less calories as he or she will have enough energy to perform daily activities without extra food. Moreover, taking Phentermine will make a patient lose even more calories from his or her daily activities and metabolism.

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant. Appetite suppressants increase the reuptake of 2 hormones in the brain which make a patient feel less hunger. The more of these hormones in the blood, the less is hunger.

Phentermine makes an impression of being full on the organism which contributes to weight loss. It makes it feel as if it is not hungry by giving the sense of having extreme energy. The drug interrupts the transmission of impulses from the neurotransmitters in some certain areas of the brain that gives the sense of hunger. It makes a person feel full or at least not hungry. The patient starts eating less which causes lose of weight.

Phentermine acts as amphetamines affecting central nervous system. The drug influences the activity of certain areas in the brain which causes hunger. Phentermine 37.5 acts as a hunger suppressant by reducing hunger or turning off the sense of hunger. This makes a patient taking Phentermine feel less hunger and supply less food in small amounts which helps lose weight more efficiently.

Phentermine long-term administration may cause addiction and reduce the efficiency of its active ingredients.