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Phentermine interaction

A patient should tell a doctor in case of undergoing any treatment with prescribed or non-prescribed medicines or other preparations for the doctor to prescribe a certain amount of Phentermine or examine the patient in order to reveal any contraindications which the patient may have as a result of following the administration of any other medications.

Phentermine active ingredient phentermine may interact with some drugs and medications which may influence safety and effectiveness of treatment. The list of such medicines include:

✓ weight reduction medicines (e.g. appetite suppressants)
✓ any medicines for depression or
✓ obsessive compulsive disorder
✓ (e.g.fluoxetine (Prozac, Erocap, Lovan, Zactin)); sertraline (Zoloft); paroxetine (Aropax); clomipramine (Anafranil, Placil)
✓ ergot-like medicines for migraine
✓ such as ergotamine (e.g. Cafergot, Ergodryl, Migral)
✓ cough and cold remedies containing seudoephedrine, phenylpropanolamine or phenylephrine
✓ thyroid hormones
✓ any medication against mental illness
✓ medicines reducing blood pressure, such as clonidine, methyldopa or guanethidine
✓ migraine medicines.

A patient should tell his doctor about any other medicines administered even though they are not from the list as a doctor or a pharmacist knows more about drugs and drug interactions and can predict side effects of interaction or make some examinations in order to reveal probable effects.