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Phentermine and heart murmurs

Many obese people have heart valve defects. Some of them may have heart murmurs throughout life and know nothing about it. This is due to the fact, that valvular heart disease is asymptomatic in most cases. Others may feel bad for a long time, until the symptoms manifest.

Obesity and overweight contribute to many diseases. First diseases, which develop with body weight increase, are: cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and stroke. Clinical observations have shown that weight reduction lowers the risk of obesity-associated diseases.

The first drug to treat obesity has appeared in the U.S. in 1959. With the approval of the FDA, Phentermine was introduced in pharmacological practice. It was a symptomatic amine, having anorexigenic effect. In 1996, in order to enhance therapeutic effect, Phentermine was combined with other weight loss drug, Fenfluramine. However, in 1997 Fen-Phen drug (combination of Phentermine with Fenfluramine) was withdrawn from the market, due to the high risk of heart valve dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension.

Fenfluramine drug was withdrawn from the market together with Fen-Phen. According to doctors, it had adverse effect on the heart valves function. Phentermine has not been withdrawn from the pharmaceutical market. Phentermine-containing weight loss drugs can still be bought in pharmacies in different countries, under such trademarks, as: Suprenza, Adipex, Duromine, Metermine, Phentermine hydrochloride, Phentermine Resin.

Recently, some obese people, taking Phentermine diet pills, started complaining, that they often have following symptoms:

✓ excessive fatigue, swelling of the ankles, shortness of breath with little physical exertion, dizziness, pain in the heart.

Complaints from consumers became the reason for post-marketing studies. Well-controlled clinical studies have shown that approximately 3% -12% of people, taking Phentermine, have risk of heart valves disease. Most often, people, taking diet pills Phentermine, are observed with aortic and mitral heart valves violations, but not the right heart valve.

At the first sign of heart valve dysfunction, you should stop taking diet pills Phentermine and seek medical help. Only cancelling Phentermine pills is not enough for the disease regression. You need cardiological examination and conservative treatment. If you don’t treat valvular heart disease at the first signs, later you can have:

✓ heart failure, stroke, thrombus, or sudden cardiac arrest.

Chance for heart valves violations is higher in those obese people, who take weight loss drug Phentermine in high dosage and for a long time. Optimal therapeutic dose for obesity treatment with Phentermine is 30 mg. Treatment with diet pills Phentermine 30 mg should not exceed 12 weeks.

Maximum Phentermine dose of 40 mg should be administered for a short period of time. Then the daily dose of this weight loss drug should be reduced to average Phentermine therapeutic dose of 30 mg. Minimum Phentermine dose of 15 mg may be optimal and give lasting anorexigenic effect for some people.

If necessary, you can start taking diet pills Phentermine again in 3 months after the last Phentermine dose. Clinical studies have shown that short Phentermine courses are more efficient for the majority of patients.

People should stick to a balanced diet and active lifestyle between Phentermine pharmacotherapy courses. This will not only help maintaining the achieved results, but will also control weight in the future. Indeed, obesity is a chronic disease. Therefore, its treatment should be permanent.