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Phentermine dosage

✓ Phentermine a sympathomimetic drug for treatment of exogenous obesity that should be taken according to recommendations of a physician. Because an effective and proper treatment course depends on the right use of Phentermine weight loss pills.
✓ It is recommended to take Phentermine weight loss pills in the morning on empty stomach or 1-2 hours after meal. To get maximum therapeutic result patient should take Phentermine diet pills, combined with low-calorie diet and complex of exercises.
✓ Patients with BMI 27 to 30 (body mass index) are recommended to take minimal dose of Phentermine 15mg, once daily.
✓ To control weight, patients with BMI above 30 are recommended to take one diet pill Phentermine 30mg, once a day.
✓ If single dose of Phentermine 30mg provokes side effects it is necessary to divide the dose for two intakes (one Phentermine 15mg weight loss pill, 2 times a day).
✓ For severe stages of obesity, it is prescribed in maximal daily dose of Phentermine 37.5mg (one Phentermine 37.5mg pill, once daily).
✓ Phentermine daily dose is optimal when it provides anorectic effect for at least 12 hours.
✓ Maximum recommended duration use of Phentermine slimming pills is 12 weeks. A longer use of Phentermine diet pills enhances the risk of drug addiction.
✓ If patient missed another Phentermine dose, it is recommended to take it as soon as he has remembered.
✓ If patient has remembered of the missed Phentermine dose after 06:00 p.m., it is recommended to take the next dose of Phentermine 15mg, Phentermine 30mg or Phentermine 37.5mg on the next day.

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