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Phentermine and diet

Many people suffering from overweight think that the strictest diet is a key to successful weight loss and healthy body. Well, the latest scientific research in this field has proven that it is a misbelief. If people only keep a strict low-calorie diet, it only gives them a short-term weight loss, while they can gain all the weight back and even more after they finish dieting. Because when these people quit dieting, they often return to old dietary habits. Usually, after a successful weight loss therapy, metabolism is improved and hence all the junk food is better absorbed and all the excess calories are stored in fat deposits.

A strict diet is a challenge for everyone, but not every person can handle it. First, you may lose a great amount of body weight (usually it is water), and then your weight loss slows down as a rule. Note that strict diets are not only a good way to lose a large amount of body weight within a short time, but also a great danger for your health.

Nonetheless, diet is a general solution to reduce the body weight these days, there is no alternative to it But for some people, keeping a diet is a difficult task. That is why, weight loss medications are created to help them. Usually, doctors prescribe drugs that help suppressing the appetite, like Phentermine. These drugs eliminate hunger pangs throughout a day. Along with Phentermine pills, nutritionist may recommend to keep a low calorie diet to normalize your caloric intake and make the weight loss therapy much more effective and healthier.

Once the therapy by means of Phentermine diet pills is over, patients must never stop their diet, since this after-Phentermine time is an important period of life when most people regain extra pounds. According to some data, overweight causes many dysfunctions in the body. Thus, when people stick to a low calorie daily diet they not only lose fat tissue, but also improve their overall health and help their body to keep lifelong results.

An average low-calorie diet that suits most overweight people during Phentermine anti-obesity therapy is the one that involves just 1500-2000 kcal. This is a general amount of calories, sufficient for a normal energy supply of men and women. Remember: in order to start losing weight, you need to consume less calories than you waste. Or you may increase your daily physical activity, so that your body could lose more calories than usually.

Best way of using Phentermine pills:

✓ Usually, people take Phentermine 30mg pill a day, in the morning. Take the pill before breakfast with a glass of still water.
✓ Phentermine pills are prescribed to adults only. Minimal age of Phentermine patients is 12 years, maximum – 65 years. Children and elderly must never use Phentermine.
✓ Phentermine is not intended for a long-term anti-obesity therapy. Even if you have not lost the desired amount of body weight, your first treatment course with Phentermine diet pills must not exceed 3 months.
✓ You may start another treatment course using Phentermine after a 12 weeks break.
✓ In order to keep good and stable weight loss results for long, it is recommended to stick to a low calorie diet after termination of Phentermine therapy.

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