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Phentermine contraindications

Most prescribed drugs have contraindications and restrictions for use, so as Phentermine. Phentermine may cause psychological or physical dependence that is why, it is not meant for a long-term use.

Phentermine drug reduces appetite by stimulating the brain, herewith often increasing the blood pressure. Most Phentermine contraindications are associated with the central nervous and cardiovascular systems.

The CNS contraindications for Phentermine are:

✓ Mental disorders
✓ Anorexia nervosa
✓ Depression

Phentermine is the CNS stimulant that is not for obese patients, who are sick or being treated of any mental disease. When using Phentermine, patients should consult a doctor before taking any sleeping pills and antidepressants.

The cardiovascular contraindications for Phentermine drug are:

✓ Severe heart disease
✓ Serious impairment of artery, connecting lungs and heart
✓ Problems with valves of the heart muscle
✓ High blood pressure (hypertension)
✓ The brain dysfunction, associated with a blood vessels disease
✓ Constant or periodic increase in intraocular pressure

Phentermine weight loss pills are never prescribed to patients, who have had heart attack or stroke recently. If you want to use Phentermine and drugs changing the blood pressure, please consult a doctor first.

Other contraindications for Phentermine diet pills are as follows:

✓ Pregnancy and breastfeeding
✓ Patients age under 16 years
✓ Alcohol or drug addiction
✓ Hyperactive thyroid gland

Phentermine drug is contraindicated for patients with secondary causes of obesity. If obesity was caused by other diseases, then you need to eliminate these causes first, make diagnostics and after all that, start anti-obesity treatment.

Before obese patients buy and take Phentermine weight loss pills, they need to undergo a medical examination. If your health is good, you can be prescribed maximal doses of Phentermine to cure obesity.

Usually, patients suffering from obesity or overweight have comorbidities. These patients need more than just a medical examination, they need to attend and consult a doctor throughout the entire course of Phentermine therapy.